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Month: April 2018

Couple of potential long opportunities on the GBPJPY H4 chart

Couple of potential long opportunities on the GBPJPY H4 chart GBP/JPY FOREXCOM:GBPJPY bmck1 There could be a couple of potential entries if you were wanting to get long GBPJPY             over the coming days. The first over on the left hand side is an advance fib pattern in the form of a bullish Bat pattern […]

The US Just Borrowed $488 Billion In One Quarter, The Most Since The Financial Crisis

For months, analysts have been warning that the US is set to borrow an unprecedented – for a non-recessionary period – amount of money… … and on Monday afternoon this was confirmed, when the US Treasury announced that in the quarter ended March 31 (the fiscal year’s second), the US borrowed $47BN more than its […]

Is This The Collapse You Ordered…?

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via, I had a fellow on my latest podcast, released Sunday, who insists that the world population will crash 90-plus percent from the current 7.6 billion to 600 million by the end of this century. Jack Alpert heads an outfit called the Stanford Knowledge Integration Lab (SKIL) which he started at Stanford University in […]

A great opportunity for Shorting NZDCHF

A great opportunity for Shorting NZDCHF New Zealand Dollar/Swiss Franc FX:NZDCHF khansalarehsan Hello colleagues Let’s have the first trade of the week – NZDCHF             Short. Here are a few reasons that I think this is a wining trade. First let’s look at NZD: 1) This is weighted average NZD versus other major currencies. See […]

Here’s why Netanyahu’s Iran allegations shook up the oil market

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran of hiding a nuclear weapons program Monday, causing a spike in oil prices as it reinforced expectations the U.S. will pull out of an agreement that saw Tehran agree to halt its nuclear program in exchange for an easing of sanctions. The post Here’s why Netanyahu’s Iran allegations […]

Crypto, Crude, & Credit Soar In April Amid Dollar, Bond Yield Explosion

For many investors in April… Earnings up, stocks down…   Stocks managed to cling to gains in April for the first time since January…   And while Stocks ended almost unchanged, VIX tumbled in April – erasing all of February’s spike… With VIX seeing its biggest monthly decline since July 2016… (NOTE – the seasonality […]

“Deja Vu All Over Again” In Korea

Via Global Macro Monitor, That was then (2005), North Korea vows to abandon nuclear weapons project Cautious welcome by Bush for road map deal Aid and US promise not to invade seals agreement North Korea has agreed in principle to end its nuclear weapons programme and rejoin the international non-proliferation treaty, marking the biggest breakthrough […]

UNICEF’s “Hope Page” Mines Cryptocurrency Through Visitors’ Computers

UNICEF Australia is using Coinhive — a crypto-mining service — to extract cryptocurrency through visitors’ computers and fund its ongoing mission in Bangladesh. The UN branch has long worked to provide humanitarian relief for both children and their mothers in developing nations. The organization has now created what representatives call the “Hope Page,” which allows […]

Co-fundador da IOTA visita o Mercado Bitcoin

O autor do white paper da IOTA, Serguei Popov, esteve no Mercado Bitcoin em abril. O objetivo foi entender melhor como a criptomoeda funciona, além de discutir o cenário das criptomoedas como um todo. O Mercado Bitcoin tem grande interesse em conhecer e se relacionar com as melhores mentes do mundo das criptomoedas. Para sermos a […]

No $100 Million Payday For Scaramucci: HNA Drops Deal To Acquire Skybridge: Dow Jones

Update: SCARAMUCCI TO RETURN TO SKYBRIDGE AS CO-MANAGING PARTNER: Bloomberg * * * Back on January 2017, we said that there was a reason why Anthony Scaramucci was smiling: It was simple: the Davos regular, who just days earlier had been named assistant to president Trump, and shortly after would infamously be White House communications […]