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Month: June 2018

Visualizing The Population Pulse Of A Manhattan Workday

In cities around the world, the offices and storefronts of the downtown core fill up with people during the workday to keep the wheels of commerce turning. But, as Visual Capitalist’s Nick Routley shows below, nowhere is this phenomenon as pronounced as in Manhattan, which swells to an incredible four million people during work hours. Today’s animation, […]

The World Transformed And No One In America Noticed

Authored by Martin Sieff via The Strategic Culture Foundation, The world transformed and nobody in the West noticed. India and Pakistan have joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The 17 year-old body since its founding on June 15, 2001 has quietly established itself as the main alliance and grouping of nations across Eurasia. Now it has […]

Visualizing The Global Export Economy In One Map

President Trump has loudly complained for quite some time about U.S. trade deficits with the world, most recently following the latest G7 summit in Canada. Trump’s rhetoric implies that other countries are enjoying massive surpluses at the expense of American workers. This got us thinking about how the U.S. actually compares as an exporter in the world […]

Ben Rhodes Admits Obama Armed Jihadists In Syria In Bombshell Interview

Someone finally asked Obama administration officials to own up to the rise of ISIS and arming jihadists in Syria.  In a wide ranging interview titled “Confronting the Consequences of Obama’s Foreign Policy” The Intercept’s Mehdi Hasan put the question to Ben Rhodes, who served as longtime deputy national security adviser at the White House under Obama and is now […]

KeepGo Foundation to Launch a Decentralized Megabyte Exchange

A recent study by the Pew Research Center confirmed what we all already knew. Smartphone use is at a record high, and adoption continues to accelerate. Whether users are iPhone fanatics or Android loyalists, they have made this technology an incredibly powerful tool that serves as the Swiss army knife of personal technology. It can […]

Italy Leaves Merkel Stunned, Demands Europe Rip Up Existing Migrant System

In our preview of Sunday’s now-concluded emergency EU meeting on refugee policy which the FT dubbed “The summit to save Merkel”, we said that the German chancellor fate could be decided as soon as today should a newly populist Italy present a set of insurmountable demands on how to deal with Europe’s migrant problem. And […]

Maxine Waters Calls For Attacks On White House Employees: “Create A Crowd And Push Back On Them”

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) openly called for people to form a mob and physically confront members of Donald Trump’s administration if they see them out in public after controversy over separated migrant families erupted two weeks ago.  Waters, who doesn’t live in the district she represents and paid her daughter $750,000 for Democratic fundraising activities, said to […]

Hundreds Of Mutilated Skulls Found Under Mexico City Confirm Ancient Tales Of Brutal Human Sacrifice

The priest quickly sliced into the captive’s torso and removed his still-beating heart. That sacrifice, one among thousands performed in the sacred city of Tenochtitlan, would feed the gods and ensure the continued existence of the world. –Science Magazine  Archeologists have uncovered extensive evidence of ritual human sacrifice and an ominous “skull wall” built in the 14th-century […]

US Futures Slump As Trump Drops New Bomb In Trade War; China Continues To “Weaponize” Yuan

Update: US Equity futures are down following the reports that Trump is planning to restrict Chinese investment in US companies… And while Chinese stocks are up marginally, Yuan continues to slide as chatter escalates that China is “weaponizing” the Yuan in retaliation to Trump’s actions… As we detailed previously, this is a notable devaluation… And […]

Bursting of baby boomer bubble will be a boon for crypto millennials

How demographics, a mass of retirees, house prices and 1990s Japan all present a massive tailwind for the cryptocurrency markets as millennials come into their peak earning years. The post Bursting of baby boomer bubble will be a boon for crypto millennials appeared first on