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1-22 Price Analysis – Hedge may be the alternative

Highlights: Price analysis of BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC and ETC for January 22.   BTC/USD Resistance: $11,800 & $12,000, support: 11000 & $9,500 Data feed from AICoin Comments: After breaking below MA 7 during the slump yesterday, BTC has been hovering around it since then. Correction remains the main trend in the short term, making […]

Crude oil returns to growth after promises for extension of OPEC+ cooperation

The crude oil prices rose in beginning of the week, backed by Saudi Arabia's announcement that the OPEC+ quota deal will continue beyond 2018. The futures on US light WTI crude oil with delivery in February rose by 0.17% to 63.48 USD per barrel, while the Brent variety with delivery in March … The post <b>Crude […]

Crude Oil: What Next after the EIA Report?

On Friday, Energy Information Administration (EIA) released an interesting statement. In their estimation, the United States will pass Saudi Arabia and Russia to become the leading exporter of crude oil in the next twelve months. The country will be producing more than 10 million barrels of crude oil every day. This is an important development. […]

Weekend Review: Investors’ Focus on Government Shutdown and Germany’s Vote

On Friday, the U.S stock market ended in the positive area despite the fears of a government shutdown. The Dow, S&P, and NASDAQ were up 53, 12, and 40 points. The upward movement showed two things. First, it showed the complacency among investors and second, it showed the forward-looking nature of investors. Most believe that […]

What are the implications of China’s first crude oil futures contract?

On this week's Capitol Crude podcast we look at the implications of China's first ever crude oil futures contract, expected to be launched in late March. The contract could bolster the standing of China's currency and increase global oil market transparency while weakening the dollar's dominance and … The post What are the implications of China’s […]

ECB Preview: A buy opportunity on Draghi trying to down the euro?

The European Central Bank convenes for its first decision in 2018. The new year already saw the halving of the bond-buying volume to 30 billion euros from 60 billion beforehand. The program is set to run through September, and the big question is: will it end in September? Here is a preview of the big event […]

As Oil Prices Bounce Back, So Does Libya’s Ailing Dinar

Since the war that ousted Muammar Qaddafi, Libya has been carved up among dozens of militias, with rival administrations in the east and in Tripoli. In 2014, infighting crippled shipments of crude oil, Libya's main source of income, devastating the import-dependent economy. Oil exports resumed in … The post As <b>Oil</b> Prices Bounce Back, So Does […]

Daily Market Forecast, January 22, 2017 – EUR/USD, Gold, Crude Oil, USD/JPY, GBP/USD

Crude Oil has begun to display serious consolidation the past couple of weeks. After climbing a steady trend the past few months, U.S Crude Oil has found plenty of resistance. The commodity hovers around 63.50 U.S Dollars a barrel and traders who believe a reversal is in order need to use their risk … The post […]

Fuel oil-rich Mideast crudes slip into discounts on slumping margins, ample supply

SINGAPORE, Jan 22 (Reuters) – Some Middle East crude oil grades have fallen into discounts against their benchmarks for sales to Asia in March, a sign of a weakening market, as fuel oil margins have declined, curbing refiners' appetites for the oil, multiple trade sources said on Monday. The post Fuel <b>oil</b>-rich Mideast crudes slip […]

Biggest US East Coast Oil Refinery Files for Bankruptcy

The end of the U.S. crude export ban in late 2015 and the start of the Dakota Access pipeline last year, among other things, have made the rail shipments less attractive and forced East Coast refiners to turn back to more expensive imports. North Dakota's Bakken crude was about $5 a barrel cheaper … The post […]