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‘Bridge 18’ joint Saudi-Bahraini naval exercise in Arabian Gulf concluded

Sat, 2017-10-21 03:00

RIYADH: The joint naval exercise “Bridge 18” between the Saudi Royal Navy and the Bahraini Royal Navy in the Arabian Gulf ended on Thursday.
The joint naval exercise included upgrading combat capability and professional performance in all types of naval operations; unifying the tactical concepts of command and control; and enhancing coordination procedures between the participating forces.
The drills also contributed to increasing security and inspections in protecting regional waters and repelling any aggression. Several training events and activities were also carried out.
Following the end of the exercise, the commander of the Eastern Fleet, Rear Admiral Fahd bin Abdullah Al-Ghafili, said that this exercise is an extension of a series of exercises simultaneously carried out in both countries.
He said that these exercises aim to raise combat readiness and unify concepts and exchange of experience and harmony between the two countries in carrying out joint operations against any potential threat.
“One of the most important mock drills was the training on conventional and non-conventional threats, as well as implementing operations to protect shipping lines and maritime security operations, including combating piracy and smuggling,” he said.
He added the drills also included the protection of maritime infrastructure (port protection, offshore oil installations, naval bases).
Rear Admiral Iyad Ali Al-Mannai of the Bahrain Royal Navy said that the exercise aimed to “raise the level of combat capability and professional performance in all types of maritime operations, unify the tactical concepts of command and control, and enhance maritime battle management procedures.”
He also added that the visit and inspection exercises contribute to the protection of regional waters and to repel any aggression.
Al-Mannai highlighted the importance of this exercise saying it “reflects the security and productive cooperation between the two countries to enhance the efficiency, sense of security and combat between the two forces in light of the royal navies’ capabilities in the two countries of cadres and advanced equipment.”

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