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Stanchart Raises Crude Oil Forecasts For 2018, 2019

Standard Chartered on Tuesday raised its 2018 crude oil price forecasts by $10 saying that the market has began to acknowledge the importance of … The British bank, which revised its forecasts for the first time in almost a year, saw Brent and WTI crude prices averaging $71 a barrel and $68 a barrel … The […]

100 Migrants From Infamous “Caravan” Prepare For Border Crossing After Arriving In Mexicali

Despite President Trump’s threat to make stopping migrants from Central America a condition of a revised NAFTA agreement, the second part of a caravan of migrants arrived Tuesday afternoon in the border state of Mexicali, Buzzfeed reported, after refusing the Mexican government’s offer to let them stay in Mexico.  Mexico, whose laws on immigration are […]

Crude oil futures tick lower on API stock data

The API report was, however, bullish for gasoline and distillate stocks, which provided some support for prices, analysts said. According to the API report, US gasoline inventories were down 2.724 million barrels while distillate stocks were down 1.911 million barrels for the week ended April 20. The post <b>Crude oil</b> futures tick lower on API […]

Dershowitz: “Should Robert Mueller Be Investigated For Violating Civil Liberties?”

Authored by Alan Dershowitz via The Gatestone Institute, Just as the first casualty of war is truth, so, too, the first casualty of hyper-partisan politics is civil liberties. Many traditional civil libertarians have allowed their strong anti-Trump sentiments to erase their long-standing commitment to neutral civil liberties. They are now so desperate to get Trump […]

British Politicians Declare War On Knives

For proof of the expression that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” look no further than Britain, where families may have to start practicing cutting their dinner with a spoon. This is because Britain’s politicians have now made the absurdly ridiculous move to call for the banning of what Reason magazine called “the most useful […]

Did McCabe Order FBI Agents To “Stand Down” On Early Clinton Email Investigation?

Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe reportedly gave a “stand-down” order to FBI agents who began probing Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server for official government business following a report in the New York Times, reports journalist Sara Carter, citing “multiple former FBI officials, along with a Congressional official.”  After The New York Times publication, […]

The Latest Ridiculous Lawsuit In The Sue-nited States

Authored by Simon Black via, On June 6, 1991, Richard Overton finally hit his breaking point. Apparently, Mr. Overton had been spending quite a lot of time in front of his television, watching a flurry of beer commercials featuring scantily clad women falling all over themselves for average looking men. Overton realized immediately that […]

Bond Trading Desk: “These Are The 2 Best Questions We Got On Today’s 10Y Treasury Move”

For the past two days (and weeks, and months) the investing world was obsessed with just one thing: will the 10-Year yield break 3.00%, and what will happen to both Treasurys and stocks, immediately after. It did so today, briefly touching 3.001%, before retracing most of the move, only to close just below 3.00%. Meanwhile, […]

Hackers Steal $150K After Infiltrating Popular Ethereum Wallet

Authored by Marie Huillet via CoinTelegraph Update: Data from EtherScan shows that over $150k worth of ETH has been stolen in the DNS hack. Starting from 07:17 this morning, 179 inbound transactions totaling 216.06 ETH were sent to ETH address 0x1d50588C0aa11959A5c28831ce3DC5F1D3120d29. At 10:15, the attacker sent 215 ETH to 0x68ca85dbf8eba69fb70ecdb78e0895f7cd94da83. One MEW user on Reddit […]

A Deep Pullback Or Trend Reversal on The USDJPY?

A Deep Pullback Or Trend Reversal on The USDJPY? U.S. Dollar/Japanese Yen FX:USDJPY Sublime_Trading We last posted on the USDJPY on March 30th when price had pulled back to resistance and was showing signs of weaknesses. What we wanted to see was momentum to the downside and for the bears to take price through the […]