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Libya Urges United Nations To Take “Concrete Action” To Halt Chaos In Tripoli

More than seven years after NATO launched a regime change war in Libya on the side of anti-Gaddafi rebels, the West is again being asked to intervene as the country further descends into civil war.  Except this time it’s the internationally recognized government since installed in Tripoli that is at war with itself, and the […]

The “Resistance” Supports Trump’s ‘Evil Agendas’ While Attacking Fake Nonsense

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via, A new article from the Wall Street Journal reports that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lied to congress about the measures Saudi Arabia is taking to minimize the civilian casualties in its catastrophic war on Yemen, and that he did so in order to secure two billion dollars for war profiteers. This is about […]

This refinery shows how far the once-mighty Venezuelan oil industry has fallen

LOS TAQUES, Venezuela — There was a time when a job at the Amuay refinery — the crown jewel of Venezuela's state-owned oil company — was a … The post This refinery shows how far <b>the</b> once-mighty Venezuelan <b>oil</b> industry has fallen appeared first on

AUD/USD Forecast Sep. 24-28 – Survived the Trump tariffs for now

The Australian dollar bounced from the lows as the US tariffs came and markets accepted them with a relative stride. What’s next? A light calendar leaves the focus to further trade developments. Here are the highlights of the week and an updated technical analysis for AUD/USD. The Trump Administration announced a 10% tariff on $200 billion of […]

India’s NPL Crisis Erupts: A Major Shadow Bank Defaults On Three Debt Payments

IL&FS Investment Managers, a unit of India’s Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS) – an Indian infrastructure development and finance company and one of the nation’s largest “shadow banks” – which announced three debt defaults on Friday, said on Saturday morning its Managing Director Ramesh Bawa had resigned as managing director and chief executive officer […]

Stalking Inida50

Stalking Inida50 India 50 OANDA:IN50USD Captain_Walker Stalking is 90% of the job – so that’s what I’m doing!

Just Two NY Times Paragraphs On Russiagate – A Striking Admission

This week The New York Times published an epic 10,000 word piece entitled “The Plot to Subvert and Election – Unraveling the Russia Story So Far.” It’s essentially the Times’ summary of everything that can be definitively established thus far after two years of national obsession and inquiry into alleged Russian election meddling and influence that supposedly ushered Trump […]

Stalking EURCAD

Stalking EURCAD Euro Fx/Canadian Dollar FX:EURCAD Captain_Walker There is possibly a new trend and channel developing for the south. I’m watching this one carefully and placing alerts at key levels.

Stalking CADJPY 1D

Stalking CADJPY 1D Canadian Dollar/Japanese Yen FX:CADJPY Captain_Walker The screencast shows an interesting ranging pattern in an imperfect channel up. Price is now at a potential structure level.

The Burden Of The American Worker

Authored by EconomicPrism’s MN Gordon, annotated by Acting-Man’s Pater Tenebrarum, Happy Destiny There’s great elation flowing from the various economic bureaus down through President Trump. They bring us good tidings. If you haven’t heard, here in the USA, we live, work, and play in the dazzle and delight of an economy in which GDP growth exceeds the […]