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Italy Says “Arrogant” Macron Risks Becoming “Enemy #1” On Migration, Orders Ships To Halt Refugee Pickups

Italian officials are digging their heels in over EU migration after League leader and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini branded French President Emmanuel Macron “arrogant” for trying to downplay Europe’s migration crisis, while Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio said that Macron risks making France Italy’s “number one enemy on this emergency” in a Saturday Facebook […]

Nearly half of Iowa crude oil spill contained, BNSF says

(Reuters) – Workers have contained nearly half of the crude oil spilled near Rock River in northwest Iowa over the weekend following a freight train … The post Nearly half of Iowa <b>crude oil</b> spill contained, BNSF says appeared first on

I had been waiting for you so long time lady ?

I had been waiting for you so long time lady ? British Pound/Japanese Yen FX:GBPJPY BMS_TRADER really awesome perfect pattern .right ?

Short opportunity brewing…

Short opportunity brewing… New Zealand Dollar/U.S. Dollar FX:NZDUSD theselfishtrader Kiwi has recently pulled back after breaking to new lows, maintaining the bearish trend of lower highs, lower lows However, price is not yet overbought, nor has it reached my preferred (As sen on chart) level of resistance. Once there, I will watch for signs of […]


RookiesViewFromThePips British Pound/Japanese Yen FX:GBPJPY Pusha_P I believe the trend was just about to change. I’m new to this process, so i’m open to constructive criticism.

Crude entering a potential sell zone…

Crude entering a potential sell zone… BRENT CRUDE OIL TVC:UKOIL theselfishtrader Arrows on the chart highlight former turning points in the market. After falling into a zone of previous congestion, price looks like it may break out higher. However, with conditions entering overbought territory on the RSI and a weak reversal pattern on the ADX-DMI, […]

swallow butterfly already found and will it going to be a cypher

swallow butterfly already found and will it going to be a cypher WTI CRUDE OIL TVC:USOIL BMS_TRADER let see it

Hedge Fund CIO: “The Risk-Parity Paradigm Is So Clearly Changing”

Submitted by One River CIO Eric Peters, as excerpted from his latest Weekend Notes. In the Extreme I often think through economic issues by analyzing arguments in the extreme. And while in practice things don’t swing that far, the exercise can help reveal the unexpected. Take the topic of ageing and its impact on inflation. […]



In Surprising Turn, US Sends “Farewell Message” To Proxies In Syria’s South

There’s been a significant and unexpected development in southern Syria, where the Syrian Army and allied forces are engaged in a major offensive to take back Daraa and Al-Quneitra provinces from long entrenched FSA, al-Qaeda, and ISIS groups (the ISIS branch is known as Jaish Khaled Bin al-Waleed). Though we and others have noted that […]