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Watch Live: Senate Votes On 3-Week Spending Stopgap As Democrats Strike A Deal

Update (11:40 am ET): In a blockbuster scoop, Talking Points Memo is reporting that Senate Democrats are on the brink of accepting a deal to end the government shutdown in exchange for the promise of a vote on the DREAM Act in the coming weeks, three sources told TPM. West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin told […]

South Korean Exchange Korbit Stops Serving International Citizens

Just recently reported on South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges implementing new infrastructure systems that comply with the country’s financial regulations. The enforced verification mechanisms will not allow anonymous users to sign up for a Korean-based digital asset exchange and trading platforms must report customer data. Now this week the Korean crypto-exchange, Korbit, has announced it […]

One Trader Is “Taking The Over” On Inflation & Growth

Authored by Kevin Muir via The Macro Tourist blog, Well it’s happening. It might be subtle. You might not be able to point to X causing Y, but make no mistake – the Federal Reserve is still run by humans, and those humans want to appease the boss. And that boss no longer wants to […]

Permian Basin Shale Oil Pure Play Stocks – Weekly Report 01/19/18

Our Permian Basin Shale Oil Pure Play Universe average stock price was down 2.13% for the week, up 3.93% for the past four weeks, up 3.53% YTD, and up 2.56%. WTI crude oil prices gained each day of the week ending down 1.45% (up 10.29% in the past month), remained in backwardation, and … The post […]

Cryptocurrencies Leg Lower After South Korean Tax Headlines

Update 1100ET: Headlines from South Korea’s Yonhap news regarding new tax rules for cryptocurrency exchanges appear to have sparked the latest leg down in cryptocurrencies… As CoinTelegraph reports, Local news agency Yonhap reports that South Korean government has announced Monday, Jan. 22 that it will be collecting a 22 percent corporate tax and a 2.2 percent local income tax […]

Oil’s rout is over, hail the return of $100 crude — well, maybe

After three years of gloom, the number 100 is finally starting to resurface in the forecasts of market analysts. A slump in new production outside the U.S. shale patch in 2019 could help to send Brent crude briefly back above US$100 a barrel next year, according to London-based consultancy Energy … The post <b>Oil’s</b> rout is […]

The Pin That Pricks The Bubble

Authored by Lance Roberts via, Over the past 18-months or so, I have written several articles on the potential for a “market melt-up,” which I updated in last week’s post “Market Bulls Target S&P 3000.”  “With investors now betting on a sharp rise in earnings to reduce the current levels of overvaluation, there seems to be […]

Total And Several Energy Traders Join TSX Venture Exchange-Listed BTL’s Blockchain Drive

Energy majors and traders join Canadian company’s blockchain project to bring about “cost savings across the trade life cycle.” The post Total And Several Energy Traders Join TSX Venture Exchange-Listed BTL’s Blockchain Drive appeared first on

Oil Inches Higher On Saudi, Russian Rhetoric

It needs noting, however, that the remarks come at the end of a week during which oil prices started sliding as the latest production figures from the Energy Information Administrations rekindled fears about a flood of U.S. crude oil on global markets. Related: This U.S. Lab Could Help Saudis Boost Crude … The post <b>Oil</b> Inches […]

S. Korea To Tax Crypto Exchanges 24.2 Percent, In Line With Existing Tax Policy

The South Korean government will collect 24.2% in taxes from virtual currency exchanges, in line with the country’s general taxation policy. #NEWS The post S. Korea To Tax Crypto Exchanges 24.2 Percent, In Line With Existing Tax Policy appeared first on