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The Eagle, The Dragon, And The Bear

Authored by Robert Gore via Straight Line Logic blog, Does Trump recognize the limits of US power? Trump’s new world order comes straight from The Godfather. There are three global powers: the US, Russia, and China. None of these powers can militarily defeat either of the other two, and even an alliance among two of […]

Presenting America’s 20 Best And Worst Paying Jobs

While we fail to see any occupations listed for “insider trading hedge fund managers” or “high frequency market manipulators” in the recently released list by the BLS listing the number of workers and wages earned for all official US occupations, we supposed it will have to do, incomplete as it may be. Below, sorted by […]

Sexy Metal: The Missing Element In The Korean Puzzle

Authored by Pepe Escobar via The Asia Times, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo knows the importance of rare earth elements, and North Korea has reportedly found one of the world’s biggest deposits 150km from Pyongyang; is this another factor behind the recent thaw with the US? This may not be about condos on North […]

Here’s How Erdogan Plans To Steal Sunday’s Election

As Turks prepare to head to the polls Sunday in a snap election called by incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Foreign Policy has published what is essentially a summary blueprint outlining the ways Erdogan could steal the election, noting “Sunday’s vote is one he can’t afford to lose.” As we previously commented, though the man who has dominated the nation’s […]

America’s Military Drops A Bomb Every 12 Minutes, And No One Is Talking About It

Authored by Lee Camp via, We live in a state of perpetual war, and we never feel it. While you get your gelato at the hip place where they put those cute little mint leaves on the side, someone is being bombed in your name. While you argue with the 17-year-old at the movie […]

Meet Mystery FBI “Agent 5” Who Sent Anti-Trump Texts While On Clinton Taint Team

A recently unmasked FBI agent who worked on the Clinton email investigation and exchanged anti-Trump text messages with her FBI lover and other colleagues has been pictured for the first time by the Daily Mail.  Sally Moyer, 44, who texted ‘f**k Trump,’ called President Trump’s voters ‘retarded’ and vowed to quit ‘on the spot’ if he won […]

Ike Was Right!

Authored by Bill Bonner via Bonner & Partners, We wait for the world to fall apart. The Dow is still more than 1,000 points below its high; so we presume the primary trend is down. Treasury yields – on the 10-year note – are near 3%… twice what they were two years ago. So we […]

Gold Joins The Global “Death Cross” Procession

While US mega-tech stocks support the belief that all is well for many Americans, a glance around the world and the shit is seriously hitting the fan… Downtrends are everywhere and ‘death crosses’ are popping up in asset classes from Chinese stocks to global Systemically-Important Banks and most recently gold… The crossing of the 50-day […]

US Sanctions Won’t Affect Iraq-Iran Crude Oil Swap Deal

The return of the U.S. sanctions on Iran will not impact an agreement between Iran and Iraq to swap crude oil, Iraq's Oil Minister Jabbar al-Luiebi said … The post US Sanctions Won’t Affect Iraq-Iran <b>Crude Oil</b> Swap Deal appeared first on

Trump Gloats After SCOTUS Dings Online Retailers: “Great Victory For Consumers”

After the Supreme Court sent shares of Amazon and other e-commerce companies spiraling lower earlier today (before the dip was promptly bought). And of course, with the court’s ruling potentially dealing a multi-billion dollar blow to one of President Trump’s greatest rivals, the president took a few moments to gloat about the ruling in a […]