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Why an Upside is Likely For Silver

Silver is having a bad year. Like other metals, silver has declined by more than 8% this year. It has moved from a YTD high of $17.6 and on Monday, it reached the YTD low of $15.1. Silver is a different metal than gold. While the two metals are found deep inside the earth’s crust, […]

Australian Dollar Falls After Weak Inflation Data

The Australian dollar fell against the US dollar after the country’s statistics office released the Consumer Price Index (CPI) data for the second quarter. The data showed that the CPI rose by 0.4% in the quarter. This was lower than the expected 0.5%. It was however the same as the quarterly CPI numbers for the […]

Emerging Markets Currency Pains Cloud Crude Oil Prices

The price of crude oil jumped yesterday after the US president sent a major threatening tweet to the Iranian leader. The tweet came after the Iranian leader criticized the US and the Trump administration for threatening to sanction the country. As you recall, a few months ago, the administration exited the Joint Comprehensive Plan of […]

Japan Manufacturing Slows as European Manufacturing Soars in July

It seems like the earliest impacts of the new trade order are here with us. Earlier today, data from Japan showed that the country’s manufacturing sector recorded the slowest growth in 20 months in July. The data from Nikkei showed that the manufacturing PMI for July was at 51.6, which was lower than the expected […]

Week Ahead: Focus to Remain on Politics, Trade, US GDP, and ECB

After weeks of gains, the US dollar continues its losing streak against its peers. The decline on the dollar comes after the US president criticized the Federal Reserve for raising interest rates. This year, the bank has made two rate hikes and traders expect it to perform two more hikes. In addition, the current issue […]

Weekend Review: US-Iran Relations on a Tipping Point

On Sunday, the Iranian leader, Hassan Rouhani issued a major warning to the US president. In a speech to Iranian diplomats, the president asked the US president not to continue destabilizing his country. He said, ‘Mr Trump, don’t play with the lion’s tail, this would only lead to regret. America should know that peace with […]

Outlook for Metals as Their Price Sink

In 2017, the focus among investors worldwide was in the United States and the Trump administration. The US president had just defied the convectional wisdom to win the closely-contested election. During the year, investors placed their bets that a former businessman would help turn around the economy by lowering taxes and deregulating the industry. They […]

Weekly Review: Donald Trump Dominates The News Cycle

This week, the focus among investors and traders was on Donald Trump. This week, he travelled to Belgium for the annual gathering of NATO leaders. As expected, the president was the main headliner for the event that happens every year. Even before he touched down, he had already showed signs that he was not pleased […]

Canadian Dollar Rises then Falls After BOC Decision

The Canadian dollar jumped in the immediate minutes the Bank of Canada (BOC) released its interest rate decision. As expected the bank made its first rate hike since December last year. It moved the base lending rate to 1.50% from the previously-released 1.25%. It was the fourth hike since last summer. This rate – also […]

A Sea of Red in Global Markets as Trade War Escalates

It is a sea of red today as the global markets come to terms with the ongoing trade escalations. Yesterday evening, it was reported that the Trump administration will continue with the trade war with China. As he left for Brussels, the president directed his trade representatives to move ahead with additional tariffs on Chinese […]