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Bank of America Files New Patent for Multiple Digital Signatures on a Distributed System

BofA’s new patent proposes a system managing communications data from Internet-connected devices The post Bank of America Files New Patent for Multiple Digital Signatures on a Distributed System appeared first on

Growing Number of Indian Crypto Exchanges Say Fiat Support Is Back Despite RBI Ban

A growing number of crypto exchanges in India have announced the return of fiat deposit and withdrawal support despite the crypto banking ban imposed by the country’s central bank. Several other exchanges in the country also allow their users to use Indian rupees to buy and cash out cryptocurrencies through their exchange-escrow peer-to-peer (P2P) services. […]

Cryptocurrency Market Update: Dogecoin Continues to Defy The Drop

FOMO Moments Markets are still very depressed; Dash and Dogecoin defying the drop. There has been no recovery from this week’s big crypto selloff and markets are still down. Very little movement has occurred over the past couple days which leaves markets at just over $200 billion, very close to their yearly lows. Bitcoin found […]

Bitcoin ATMs Targeted by Malware for Sale in Underground Markets

Malware aimed at Bitcoin ATMs is being sold in underground markets, according to Trend Micro security researchers. For $25,000, malware exploiting a service vulnerability allows users to nab bitcoin price equivalent in euros, USD, or British pounds. Also read: Bitcoin’s Hopeful Numbers: 70% Familiar in the United States For $25,000, Bitcoin ATM Malware is Available […]

Word on the Street: Goldman cries ‘fake news’ and Facebook ‘blockchain’

The greatest shadow cast over the crypto market this week was from the hulk of investment banking, Goldman Sachs, which was reported to have put its crypto trading desk on the backburner, only to refute the claim.  The post Word on the Street: Goldman cries ‘fake news’ and Facebook ‘blockchain’ appeared first on

Bitcoin’s Return to Innovation: Changing the World Through Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash

Developer Gabriel Cardona was personally recruited to fast track development of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Open source, full featured development kit, Bitbox, his creation, has taken the community by storm, and it is now part of the developer universe. Money, Mr. Cardona likes to say, is critical to the human condition. And BCH and its […]

Pantera Capital Reports Lifetime Return of More Than 10,000%

Major cryptocurrency investment firm, Pantera Capital, has reported a lifetime return of more than 10,000% on its fund. The company has announced the impressive return in celebration of its five-year anniversary. Also Read: Markets Update: Crypto-Prices See Some Recovery After the Dip Pantera Reports Fund has Generated 10,000% Return Over 5 Years It has been reported […]

Decentral Launches Its New Cryptocurrency Wallet Jaxx Liberty in Beta

One of the main parts in the vision many Bitcoin supporters have is that the cryptocurrency will become the de facto single currency of the future. But for now its success has brought an explosion of altcoins and ICO tokens. Hoping to tap into the challenge to handle all this crypto cacophony, Decentral developed Jaxx Liberty. […]

Indian Exchange Zebpay Boosts Trading Support for 19 Cryptos Ahead of RBI Ban

Leading Indian cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay has added new cryptocurrencies to its crypto-to-crypto trading platform. The exchange now supports 19 cryptocurrencies and over 35 trading pairs, as it prepares for the banking ban by the country’s central bank to go into effect next week. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space 19 Cryptocurrencies, 35+ […]

ICON, EOS: Wen interessiert’s, wenn’s brennt?

Kurz nach dem Start des Mainnets ist die EOS-Blockchain für einige Zeit eingefroren. Bei ICON hat derweil ein Bug im Smart Contract alle Token eingefroren. Die wichtigste Frage ist jedoch: Warum bleibt der Kurs der beiden Währungen einigermaßen stabil? Ich glaube, es gibt angenehmere Nachrichten als die von EOS und ICON. Aber da die gegenwärtigen […]