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USD/JPY Technical Analysis: USD/JPY Pair Falls as Trade War Kicks Off

On Thursday last week, the United States president announced that the US would officially start imposing tariffs on a number of Chinese goods valued at more than $50 billion. On Friday, China responded with its own list of tariffs which included the important crude oil and natural gas. Yesterday, the US president announced that the […]

Uncertainty in Oil Markets as China Threatens to Impose Tariffs on American Oil

For decades, Trump has been vocal on trade issues. In the 80s, he argued that the United States was being taken advantage of by its allies and enemies. Specifically, he was always vocal about Europe and how it treats American companies. He was also vocal about South Korea and Japan, some of the biggest American […]

Key Takeaways From the Fed Meeting

Yesterday, the Fed officials released their June interest rate decision. As expected, the officials raised rates by a quarter point. This was the second interest rate hike this year. The officials also increased their median forecast of the number of rate hikes we can expect this year to four. 8 of the officials voted to […]

UK CPI Remains Unchanged as PPI Rises to Highest Level Since 2016

The rate of inflation is one of the most important measures central banks from around the world look at. This is because a rising rate of inflation – at a time when wages are not rising – would lead to more suffering among the people. They would struggle to pay for basic needs like food […]

Germany Business Sentiment Falls to Lowest Level Since 2012

Today, the biggest news among the trading community was on the US-North Korean summit, which ended successfully. As such, the global financial markets are up, with the dollar index remaining largely unchanged. In addition to the good news from Singapore, traders are focusing on the Brexit issue, UK employment numbers, EU business sentiment, and the […]

Dollar and Stocks Futures Jump as Trump Meets With Kim Jong Un

Early this morning, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un met for the first time. This was the first meeting between the leaders of the two countries in history. The meeting capped many months of increased preparations and tensions between the two countries. At the end of their meeting, the two leaders signed a document, which […]

Weekend Review: Donald Trump Disrupts the G7 Meeting Ahead of NoKo Meeting

The G7 meeting, held in Quebec was the focus among investors this past weekend. It was always expected to be a contentious meeting especially after Donald Trump announced his plans to place tariffs on steel and aluminum on the countries. Before the meeting, there was a concern that the president would not even attend it. […]

Weekly Review: Uncertainty Ahead of the G7 Meeting

Trade was a major point of discussion this week as the leaders of the world’s 7 largest economies meet in Quebec, Canada. Recently, the United States announced that it would impose tariffs on imported steel and aluminum on Canadian, Mexican, Japanese, and European Union steel and aluminum. This led to retaliatory tariffs from these countries […]

EU Economy Remain Steady as Germany Factory Orders Fall

Today, Eurostat announced the Q1 GDP numbers for the euro area and the EU28. In the first quarter, the economy in the region expanded at a quarterly rate of 0.4% as expected. It rose at an annualized rate of 2.5%, also as expected. During the same time, the US economy expanded by 0.5%, which was […]

Why Natural Gas Could Head Higher After the Recent Downturn

Natural gas has been a great miracle for the current generation. The gas, which is found deep within the earth’s crust has been used to provide clean energy to household and natural grid. It has been used to replace the traditional coal-powered plants that were known to be heavy pollutants. In the past, natural gas, […]