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Outlook for Metals as Their Price Sink

In 2017, the focus among investors worldwide was in the United States and the Trump administration. The US president had just defied the convectional wisdom to win the closely-contested election. During the year, investors placed their bets that a former businessman would help turn around the economy by lowering taxes and deregulating the industry. They […]

Weekly Review: Donald Trump Dominates The News Cycle

This week, the focus among investors and traders was on Donald Trump. This week, he travelled to Belgium for the annual gathering of NATO leaders. As expected, the president was the main headliner for the event that happens every year. Even before he touched down, he had already showed signs that he was not pleased […]

Canadian Dollar Rises then Falls After BOC Decision

The Canadian dollar jumped in the immediate minutes the Bank of Canada (BOC) released its interest rate decision. As expected the bank made its first rate hike since December last year. It moved the base lending rate to 1.50% from the previously-released 1.25%. It was the fourth hike since last summer. This rate – also […]

A Sea of Red in Global Markets as Trade War Escalates

It is a sea of red today as the global markets come to terms with the ongoing trade escalations. Yesterday evening, it was reported that the Trump administration will continue with the trade war with China. As he left for Brussels, the president directed his trade representatives to move ahead with additional tariffs on Chinese […]

Wait and See as Sugar Reaches a New Support

Sugar is one of the most-used commodities in the world today. It is used in a whole range of food products such as cakes, confectionary, and other processed foods. Most of the sugar produced today comes from sugarcane, while part of it comes from other sources. Most of the world’s sugar comes from Brazil, which […]

As Tariffs Kick In, Time to Get Bullish on Soybeans

At midnight today, the United States started implementing tariffs for major Chinese goods coming to the country. This is an important move after months of countless negotiations and urging from business and political leaders who advised against the tariffs. Shortly afterwards, Chinese authorities announced that they were starting imposing tariffs on US goods which include […]

Weekly Review: A Look at the Biggest Stories This Week

This week, crude oil was one of the biggest movers in the market. The price of WTI crude jumped to the highest level since 2014. The jump came after the United States asked all oil traders to cut their Iran oil trades to zero. This was a tougher stance than the traders were expecting and […]

Weekend Review: Erdogan Wins the Turkish Election

On Friday, the US president announced that the US would place a 25% tariff on European vehicles. This led the index that tracks European vehicle manufacturers to fall by more than 2%. If this happens, it would mean trouble for Europe and its vehicle manufacturers which see the United States as an important market. Recent […]

USD/JPY Technical Analysis: USD/JPY Pair Falls as Trade War Kicks Off

On Thursday last week, the United States president announced that the US would officially start imposing tariffs on a number of Chinese goods valued at more than $50 billion. On Friday, China responded with its own list of tariffs which included the important crude oil and natural gas. Yesterday, the US president announced that the […]

Uncertainty in Oil Markets as China Threatens to Impose Tariffs on American Oil

For decades, Trump has been vocal on trade issues. In the 80s, he argued that the United States was being taken advantage of by its allies and enemies. Specifically, he was always vocal about Europe and how it treats American companies. He was also vocal about South Korea and Japan, some of the biggest American […]