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Week Ahead: BOE and ECB To Dominate in a Busy Week

On Friday, the US Labour department released impressive jobs numbers. The numbers showed that more than 203K jobs were created in August, with the unemployment rate remaining at 3.9%. Perhaps, the biggest data was the improving wages. In August, wages grew by 0.4%, which was higher than the expected 0.3%. This was a huge improvement […]

What to Expect from the US Jobs Numbers Today

One of the most important roles of any government is to create jobs for its citizens. It is these jobs that go ahead to fund the government using the taxes. When there are no jobs in a country, the economy cannot grow. This tends to lead to instability. A good example for this is in […]

Copper Price Could Fall Further as Supply Exceeds Demand

In January 2016, the price of copper reached a multi-year low of $1.935. It then started a major rally that saw it reach a high of $3.32 in December last year. Since then, attempts to continue the upward movement failed and this year, the metal has fallen to a low of $2.561. This is the […]

Fear of Emerging Market Contagion and What to do About it

The Emerging Markets (EM) are going through a tough period. As an evidence for this, the Argentinian peso is currently near an all-time low despite the decision by the central bank to raise interest rates. The Turkish lira is also near an all-time low against the dollar and the South African rand is at the […]

Weekly Review: Complacency Returns to Markets Even With the Trade Talk

This week, with little economic data coming through, the biggest news was on trade. Trade has continued to dominate the financial markets as the two biggest economies flex their muscles. On Wednesday, the Chinese government announced fresh tariffs on US imports such as cars and crude oil. The total tariffs announced were worth more than […]

Options For the Turkish Lira as it Falls to an All Time Low

Turkey is an important country in Europe and Asia with a GDP of more than $850 billion. The country has in the past applied to join the European Union in a bid to become more Western. The country is known for its vehicle, machinery, and refined petroleum products. It is also known for its large […]

Japan Q2 GDP Grow Faster Than Expected as UK GDP Meets Expectations

Earlier today, the Japanese statistics office released the preliminary numbers for the second quarter GDP. The numbers showed that the economy rose by an annualized rate of 1.9% in the second quarter. This was higher than the expected 1.4% annualized rate and the Q1 contraction of 0.9%. The growth in the GDP in the quarter […]

What Next After the Recent GBP/USD Sell-Off?

In June 2014, the GBP/USD pair reached a high of 1.7185. After that, the pair started moving down, with the descend accelerating in June 2016 after the Brexit vote. Yesterday, the pair continued to move lower, reaching a low of 1.2840, the lowest level since August last year. The current descent is because of the […]

Kiwi Slumps After a Dovish Statement By Reserve Bank of New Zealand

The New Zealand dollar – also known as the kiwi- nosedived today after the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) released its monetary policy decision. In the decision, the bank left interest rates unchanged, which was expected. The lower movements of the kiwi were because of the bank’s statement that the low interests would remain […]

EU GDP Slides to Lowest Level in 2 Years as Inflation Rises

The Euro is rising against the dollar and other pairs as the data from the EU point to a stable economy. Earlier today, data from France showed that the consumer prices rose by an annual rate of 2.3% in June. This was higher than the expected 2.2%. In the EU area, the CPI rose by […]