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Tag: Technical Analysis

Elliott waves analysis – Wait for a possible buy around 112.195.

USDJPY – Down Wave Analysis: On this chart, we’re seeing a weekly support at 112.195. We expect the bounce from 112.195 to have marked an end to the corrective wave (iv), that any clear move to the upper side will be unfolding of the last impulsive wave (5) to the upper side and should break […]

Elliott waves analysis – Sell the cable from 1.33042.

GBPUSD – Flat Wave Analysis: On this chart, there’s a key resistance around 1.33042. We expect the price to rise towards this resistance so that we can pick a low risk sell opportunity towards 1.27700 or even lower. Should the price break above 1.33042, then we’ll wait for a retracement to the just broken line […]

Elliott waves analysis – As long as the price is above 1.14626, we expect a possible momentum to the upper side.

EURUSD – Up Wave Analysis: Currently the price is above a weekly support level 1.14626. AS long as the price is above this level, we expect a possible momentum to the upper side. The anticipated bullish price rally is the unfolding of an impulsive wave count to the upper side and should break above 1.1900 […]

Weekly analytics- Elliott waves analysis – Gold Correcting itself upwards

SPX500 Weekly Review Wave Analysis: During the previous week, SPX500 lost value considerable and is still pretty much bearish both on the daily and the weekly charts. According to the two indicators, As long as the price remains above the 52 Simple moving average and the columns of MACD above 0.00, we expect nothing but […]

Forex Technical Analysis: Trend potential – Wait for a correction to 1.1823-1.1802

EURUSD – Up Technical observation After the breakout above the line 1.1539, EUR rose with one candle then retraced up to the just broken line. Right now it is rising and I expect a rally to 1.1823-1.1802 and a rejection within it for possible bearish momentum towards 1. 1539 and in case of a breach […]

Weekly analytics- Forex Technical Analysis: Trend potential – Sell #ASX at 6130.0

#ASX weekly Technical observation Last week,#ASX went down below a supportive key line 6130.0 with a big red candle, it rallied steadily towards the key supportive zone 5684.1-5639.7 but could not reach it and is still showing signs of declining towards it.This week’s candle opened below  6130.0 and is declining towards the zone, I expect […]

Gold gains most in more than two years

Gold is back in favor The safe haven of gold, very much unloved over the past few months as it stood in the dollar’s shadow, saw its fortunes reverse yesterday to record the biggest one-day gain in almost 2-1/2 years. A weaker US dollar amid easing US yields and a below-forecast CPI print, reduced demand […]

Pace of equities’ declines slows as Asia mulls Wall Street weakness

Asia shares pressured, but not dramatic With the biggest one-day losses in about eight months plaguing Wall Street yesterday, Asian equities continued the bearish sentiment, though not quite to the same degree. Considering the US30 index fell 3.9%, the SPX500 4% and the NAS100 5.3%, today’s losses of 0.97% for the JP225 CFD and 2.4% […]

Germany DAX Weakness Continues as Auto Sector Woes Continue

Germany is the fourth biggest economy in the world after the United States, China, and Japan. It has a GDP of more than $3.4 trillion. The DAX is the German equivalent to the US Dow Jones Industrial Average. This year, while the Dow has gained more than 5%, the DAX has lost more than 8%. […]

Commodities Weekly: Sugar has biggest one-week rally in almost two years

Soft commodities are mostly enjoying a revival from multi-month lows as weather-related issues raise supply concerns. Weather is also affecting crude oil and natural gas prices, while precious metals hold steady and industrial metals slide amid the ongoing US-China trade war.   Agriculturals SUGAR saw its biggest one-week rally since December 2016 last week, jumping […]